Saturday, December 29, 2007

Who Am I?


My name is Robert Fine. It's very late on a rainy Friday night here in Washington, DC. I'm a huge baseball fan. Always have been since I can remember. I'll be 37 years old in April and have lived in DC for the last 13 years. I grew up 5 minutes from downtown Philadelphia with the Philadelphia Phillies of the late 70s and early 80s. I watched them win the 1980 World Series...Mike Schmidt...Bob Boone...Tug McGraw...Steve Carlton...and yes...Pete Rose.

After living in DC for 10 years, I was certainly missing baseball, and never could really adopt the Baltimore Orioles. And after watching the drama of where the Expos might move for a couple of years, I was thrilled that they were coming to Washington. I've been a season ticket holder since Day 1, and have my seats for the first season at the new stadium. I can't wait. Really!

I've been following the steroids stories on and off for the last couple of years, and my ears pricked up after the Mitchell report, but it wasn't until I read Mike Wise's article in the Washington Post last weekend that I truly felt moved on the issue and wanted to do something besides sit by and see nothing continue to be done.

So, I urge you to help me by signing the following petition if you haven't already and forwarding it to your friends:

I'll keep this blog going to provide a place to provide updates and an avenue to have a discussion about the issue. I'll put a post up in the next couple of days explaining why i'm tired of the lack of no strong policy by MLB.

Please feel free to leave comments or email me at .

- Bob

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Anonymous said...

I coached HS baseball for 15 years, I think that when MLB turned their head to the freaks of nature bash brothers, they did it to turn baseball into a entertainment industry. It filled seats with a much more ignorant fan willing to pay more! If Hollywood entertainers were drug tested before we allowed their pure crap to influence our kids,,, I would expect the same from the modern MLB player. But Snoop dawg is in our youths head more than Clemans,,,, and no one gives a crap. MLB sold out, and their players are doing what MLB wants them to do. Congress having hearings on integrity about baseball is a joke. Since when did their 15 percent approval rating have anything to do with us trusting them? I love great baseball, that’s why I watch the College World Series, Pro Sports sucks, and is for those who buy people magazine